Hello. I am Soshinie Singh!

Soshinie Singh is a Guyanese author, poet and Twin Flames guide. She is very enthusiastic, and her energy is contagious. She aims to spread unconditional love and empowering messages to the young, as well as to the old. She believes that no matter what stage of life someone is in, it is never too late to gain clarity about recent or past problems. This is what she provides through her gentle nature, as well as uplifting people’s everyday lives. Her words come from a sacred place, and from her experiences which she uses to touch the lives of others, as well as to motivate them.

Soshinie Singh


Tarot Sessions

  • Please include Requirements from your package selection in the “Notes” at checkout.
  •  Allow 7 days for your reading to be delivered. You will be informed if there is a delay.
  • If PayPal does not work for you, I also accept the following:
    • CashApp: $lifewithyoualways
    • GooglePay: lifewithyoualways@gmail.com
  • Please e-mail any inquiries you have to info@lifewithyoualways.com or I’m reachable on Instagram: @lifewithyoualways

Long Distance Reiki

Reiki energy is a great source of healing anxiety, depression, resentment, fear and other negative emotions. It knows exactly where it needs to go and helps to restore balance to your chakras.

A Reiki session is approximately 30 minutes long (you will need to be relaxed during this time). When booking leave have a day and time that works best for you preferably weekends since I work full time M-F.

Meditation Sessions

These personalized/live meditation sessions are here to assist you on your journey, especially if you are unable to find one online to meet your needs. It is quite easy to fall asleep when doing an online guided meditation, hence, by booking this personalized session you will have access to my energy to help you along the way. Be ready to release any stress or negativity. Be ready to heal any wound. Be ready to forgive. Whatever your personal needs are, be ready for these personalized/live sessions to tend to it.


  • Michelle
  • Christopher Seiffert
  • Angie
  • Cristina
  • Dominica Delagarza

So I first talked to Soshinie when she responded to my reply on her story a few days ago and something told me to ask her about her readings today after seeing another story today on her page. So we ended up doing her Valentine’s special ❤️ and I got my reading back from her and it resonated fully. From the DM energy to my (DF) energy and Sacred union energy. She gave me that added confirmation on what I was already feeling and knew instinctually but humanly kept second guessing. She’s the sweetest ever and talking to her felt like talking to one of my lifelong friends. Love her ❤️💛

Ooh one last thing I also got another confirmation/a physical sign thrown in my face after the reading reiterating what she had just told me. 😊

You guys won’t be disappointed and will make a new friend out of it too.


Every reading with Soshinie is accurate and heartfelt. She is truly gifted and connects with Spirit and your energy to provide an insightful reading. Her connection with the twin flame journey is vital to the accuracy of each reading. I highly recommend readings with this gifted soul.

Christopher Seiffert

This was an honest accurate TF reading. I felt these words and trust in her gift. Clear and to the point amazing accuracy with only names and DOB. Very assuring and complete. Understanding, nurturing and gentle. Thank you. This is a blessing and a relief.


A reading with Soshinie is so much more than a reading … it’s truly a divine experience. She delivers the messages from the cards in a way that makes so much sense and she has the ability to provide such helpful guidance. I have had several readings with her and they always resonate deeply. She is truly an earth angel.


Soshinie, thank you for the outstanding reading today. The accuracy was right on! You explained the cards in detail. And were so patient to answer every single question I had and I felt like you were right across from me. I will highly recommend you.

Dominica Delagarza
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